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Hello there, thanks for visiting! A little bit about me, who I am and how I approach your wedding day.

I am so grateful you have taken the time to view my website and to consider having me as your wedding photographer.

I appreciate it is an important decision to choose the right wedding photographer for your wedding day. Have a look around, sure if you like what you see, maybe that photographer could be me, happy days :)

Your wedding is a big deal! I know you have put so much into preparing it. So rest assured as you rejoice with your love ones, you are in good hands, I shall be there to capture it in a calm, relaxed and discrete ‘behind the scenes’ style while you smile and laugh throughout your day.

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I’m a creative documentary wedding photographer with a friendly, professional and easy-going manner.

As a wedding photographer I try to capture all the emotion and memories, the joy, the drama and the details and especially the family and guests. My way of shooting weddings is often called journalistic, natural or reportage. What I value is shooting real people and their real weddings. Not some made up artificial version of a wedding, but the truth, which is more beautiful.


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I enjoy life as a wedding photographer so much. To capture such a special moment in two people’s lives truly is a privilege.

I am based in County Meath, Ireland and over the last 10 years as a wedding photographer I’ve been very lucky. I’ve seen some truly beautiful places and met some wonderful people from all walks of life. The connections made with people and families are one of many highlights. I take my work seriously and always photograph with my heart, however at the same time I also keep a professional head on, as I appreciate the importance of my role on your wedding day.


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I studied Photography at Florida State University and at Griffith College, Dublin where I specialised in documentary photography.

I have a darkroom in my attic, and when I get the time I shoot and develop film for fun. I have a gazillion (well, 150k at least) photos of my kids, randomania and various things that inspire me. I enjoy running, a marathon some day, biggg maybe. I feel connected to the world when climbing, peaceful when I get to dive and sure who doesn’t love to see the world. I have been caller a ‘big messer’ by my fabulous wife and I love to play and laugh with my kids until we crack up and mostly hope we shall get to do that forever.


I offer a full day coverage service. I will capture your wedding photography from the morning preparations and getting ready, until the meal. I can also stay for the dancing in the evening if you wish. No need to look out for me. I’ll be at the right place at the right time.

I would love to hear more about you and your wedding plans, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing your unique story :)Daithi


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Daithi Taylor is a reportage wedding photographer from Enfield, County Meath and one of Ireland’s leading wedding photographers. Daithi works primarily in Meath, Dublin, Kildare and is available throughout Ireland. A specialist in documentary and photojournalistic wedding photography.

Accreditation: The Irish Professional Photographers Association – S.W.P.P.


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