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Meath Wedding Photography FAQ, Tips, Times, Venues, Booking


Wedding Photography, Rathsallagh House Wicklow, Daithi Taylor Photography
Photography related wedding questions and tips, locations, formals, best light, what time to shoot, etc.

How far in advance of our wedding should we book our wedding photographer to be assured of the date?

That’s a tricky one, but to be sure of the wedding photographer you want you should book straight away. The most popular wedding days; Bank Holiday Weekends, Christmas, New Years and Easter go first. Usually they will be booked a year or two in advance. Other popular days such as weekends are usually booked a year in advance. It is never too early, so just call us or send us an email and we shall check your date.


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Yippee, the date is free! We want to hire you to photograph our wedding day – how do we book?

Well thank you so much, we would be delighted to. Booking your wedding photography is super easy, just submit the deposit of €100.00 on the booking deposit page or you can pay with cash a bank draft or cheque. Once that is completed you are good to go and all set! Down the line we can have a chat about all the exciting details of your wedding photography, your day and make a plan, etc.




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When is the balance of our wedding photography package due?

The balance of your ‘wedding photography only’ package is not due until just before or on your wedding day. If you wish to upgrade to a wedding album, you can of course do so after the wedding.


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If we decide to go with an album, when do we choose and pay for an album package?

After the wedding you can stay with the ‘wedding photography only’ package (no album included) or you can choose to upgrade to one of our fantastic wedding albums. Every album is designed personally by us which makes your album unique and one of a kind. We offer wedding albums from QueensburyJorgensenand Loxley among others.

Payments for albums are not due until after the wedding when you have approved the wedding album layout that we have designed around your images.


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Can we print our images, is there a watermark?

The images we give you are high-resolution images of the highest quality, each one of them professionally edited and colour corrected and they may be printed at any lab at your discretion.


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We really like you and your style and would love to have as our wedding photographer, can you hold the date?

We can and often have anywhere between one and four inquiries for the same wedding date and sadly, it just comes down to the couple that books the quickest. Unfortunately we can’t hold dates without a deposit. The reason is that we often get many inquiries for the same date, which always puts us in an awkward situation of explaining to several couples that, yes another couple wants to book “your” date. Therefore, no date is booked without a deposit.


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We definitely want to hire you but need to have a face to face. Are you available on a Saturday or a Sunday?

Happy days, meetings can be scheduled in the evenings if that works for you. We can meet on some weekends (when I am not at a shoot) with some notice. No worries though. Many of our couples do book after a phone chat, due to busy schedules and what not. If a face to face is required, but you can’t seem to find the time. A Skype chat is recommended.


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Where in Ireland are you located?

We are located here, in Enfield, County Meath, Ireland – 15 minutes from Trim, 35 minutes from Dublin, 45 minutes from Wicklow, 90 minutes from Galway. I grew up in County Meath, so I am familiar with all of the best Meath Wedding venues, Ballymagarvey, Bellinter, Tankardstown, Clonabreany etc and locations in Dublin, Leinster and beyond for wedding photography.


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Do you travel?

Yes indeed, being in Meath I am located quite centrally in Ireland near all the major routes. I have photographed weddings from one end of the country to the other, Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Cork, Kilkenny, Sligo, Galway, Donegal, Offaly, Kerry, Kilkenny, Donegal and no place in Ireland is too far. I have also shot weddings abroad in the UK, France, Italy, Poland and Australia.


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Have you worked at our venue before?

As a wedding photographer I have shot at almost every wedding venue in Ireland from Dublin to Donegal, Clare to Cork, but if not don’t worry. We are well prepared and research each location based on the couples personalities, time of year, vibe, light etc. A winter wedding will look totally different to a Summer wedding at Trim Castle for example. If there are special circumstances let us know. Or if we feel it’s an, “out of the ordinary situation”, we’ll take any necessary steps needed to be totally prepared.


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We would like to have some family photographs taken, can we do that, how long does it take?

Absolutely, I would recommend that family or group photographs be taken as soon after your ceremony as possible and usually this takes less than 20 minutes. To be swift we recommend that family shots are kept to immediate family members. Having said that we are more than happy to include extended family members if you wish. If you have any special requests we will be happy to accommodate you.


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We are planning on shooting at a special location, will you do this?

Sure, if you have a location/place that is special to you and would love to have some shots taken there that would be fine. Let’s chat and together we can decide what images should be shot there. We shall go over all this in the planning process with you.


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Do we have to pose for the images?

For the most part there is no posing. However with the family shots there is some direction and so forth. If you would like shots of the bridal party, these images are taken in a relaxed ‘go for a walk’ kind of style. Often I am searching for the in-between moments that occur when we do this and also the interaction that occurs between you and your partner. For any specific requests on the type of images we can chat about and of course we will be happy to accommodate you.


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Can we have no posing whatsoever?

Yes of course, whilst the majority of weddings in Ireland have posed family and bridal images I have photographed many weddings where there were no ‘aware’ or ‘posed’ images at all. However I do recommend some family images and some of the bridal party, we are swift and take only what you want.


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How long have you been shooting weddings, how many?

I have been a wedding photographer in Meath for most of my days – 10+ years as a full-time professional wedding photographer. How many weddings? Well into the 400’s. Each wedding as fresh and fun as the first.


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Do you shoot anything else?

Weddings and wedding photography make me super happy and I’m inspired by them so I stick with them. However, I also shoot funky art and architecture – and I sometimes apply that in framing and composition in my wedding work.


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Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured and I hold public liability insurance. Many wedding venues in Ireland will not allow photographers on site without it and you cannot shoot on any State properties or parks without providing a copy of a valid insurance certificate.


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Are you a member of any photography organisations?

Yes, I’m a member of the Irish Professional Photographers Association, The Royal Photographic Society and a past member of the Photojournalist Association (WPJA) when it was rocking. Also, I’m a member of the SWPP.


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Do you have back up equipment?

Yes, we have several Nikon professional camera bodies, multiple professional lenses, flashes etc.


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What is your OMG back-up plan?

In the event that we are unable to shoot your wedding due to a tragedy, thankfully this has not happened, ever. We have a network of very experienced professional full-time wedding photographers that we can call in case of emergency.


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How would you describe your style?

As a wedding photographer I try to capture all the emotion and memories, the joy, the drama and the details and especially the family and guests. My way of shooting weddings is often called journalistic, natural or reportage. What I value is shooting real people and their real weddings. Not a staged made up artificial version of a wedding, but the truth, which is more beautiful.


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What makes you different from other photographers?

My Point of View. I’m the only one that can see the way I do. And I love shooting for couples that get it. There are a lot of photographers out there, I guess it is down to what resonates with you – if you look at my images and feel something, a spark, some emotion, a good vibe, well maybe that is what makes me different from other wedding photographer to you.


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How about during the day, will you be directing or more in the background?

Definitely in the background, sometimes in the bushes, in a grassy knoll. Like a Ninja! But seriously, the only time you will be very aware of me is during any formal or posed family/group shots when some direction and assistance is beneficial. Which is a very small part of your day. Other than that I shoot the moments that I see, as they are without interference.


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What is the best time of day for our ceremony? What is the best light?

This depends on location and time of year. I shoot almost exclusively with natural light and can handle any lighting scenario from harsh daylight to evening Winter weddings. When you book with us, we will go over this with you for the best outcome. But in general if it is a Winter wedding then I recommend an earlier ceremony. Earlier is always better IMO, Summer or Winter. Why? Because you get to have a longer wedding day


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I have a list of every picture we expect. Will you work from that?

Because every wedding is so different, there will be moments you won’t even think about, if we work from a list that’s a distraction from what’s really happening. While a mini list is fine, we do not work from long lists citing each shot of the day. Trust that we will capture all of the many details of your day, promise. Also, if we’re always looking at a list, then we’re missing moments as they unfold.


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How long will it take to receive our photos?

My goal is always six weeks, sometimes I’ll go over a bit when its ver busy (more often it’s under a bit) but for the most part six weeks is realistic.


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Do you travel for destination weddings?

Yes, we love to travel to a destination wedding, sure isn’t that great fun. We would love to chat with you about your plans. We will send you a custom quote based on the information that we need from you.


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I have some other questions I need to ask you

Sure, give us a call, we would be delighted to chat and answer any questions you may have.



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Popular Wedding Photography FAQs that we have been asked. When is the best time to have a wedding? What is your style? How do we book you? Daithi Taylor is a documentary wedding photographer from Enfield, County Meath and one of Ireland’s leading wedding photographers.

Accreditation: The Irish Professional Photographers Association – S.W.P.P.


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